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If you're going to make Web design or Web development your career, there are many things you'll want to think about. It's important to know what you're getting into before you decide on a job including how much it pays, what the hours are, and what will be expected of you. If you then decide to freelance as a Web developer, you'll have to learn how to manage your business and your finances. The articles found here will help you decide if you want to be a professional Web developer and take you through the steps of finding work, getting the job, managing your business, and maintaining your site and reputation.

  • a good knowledge of hardware, software and programming languages
  • the ability to interpret and follow technical plans
  • a creative approach to problem-solving
  • an understanding of Computer Aided (Assisted) Software Engineering (CASE) tools
  • excellent communication and customer care skills

Job Opportunities

  • Senior Software developer

    Software developers (also known as programmers) design and build computer programs that help organisations and equipment work effectively.

    As a software developer, your work could involve:

    - designing computer controls for industrial and manufacturing machinery
    - building administrative and financial databases
    - developing software for home entertainment equipment (known as embedded controls).

    You would work closely with senior programmers and business analysts, and create technical plans to meet the needs of the client.

    A typical project would include:

    - programming a test version of a piece of software
    - testing installation and compatibility issues
    - checking test results and fixing technical problems (known as bugs)
    - installing a full version and carrying out final checks before going ‘live’
    - maintaining and supporting systems once they are up and running.

    You may write computer programs from the beginning, or amend existing programs to meet the needs of the project.

    You could work with a range of web-based technologies, and you would need to understand how databases integrate with these systems.

  • Junior Software developer

    The qualified candidate will possess 2 - 3 years of experience in a few major areas, including .Net Development, Asp.Net 4.5, C#, SQL Server, PowerShell, and JavaScript.

    The junior Software Developer will have responsibility and accountability for developing small to medium sized automation applications and services. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter who is experienced in problem solving, analytical thinking and able to follow a methodical implementation process. Developer should possess good interpersonal and organizational skills, strong analytical and excellent programming skills, and have the ability to handle diverse situations, multiple part of project and rapidly changing priorities. Experience in Microsoft Sharepoint, SQL, and TFS is a must, with proficiency in n-tier architecture, class structures, stored procedures, and SQL Server Reporting Services.

    Responsibilities for this Position Include:

    - Design and develop reusable software components
    - Participate in design sessions with architects and other developers
    - Ensure code and design meets specifications, quality and security standards, and is maintainable
    - Work with Business Owners to analyze and convert business requirements into scalable, robust and flexible designs
    - Test software components
    - Follow configuration management/version control policies
    - Investigate and research defects, present solution with estimated work effort and implement

  • Web Designer

    The title "Web designer" can mean many different things, from a straightforward graphic designer to one who is responsible for an entire website. In most cases a Web designer is tasked with combining the graphic, textual, and other elements of a site to create an appealing layout. This work may also include using JavaScript and other scripting devices to create dynamic effects. Generally, a BS in graphic arts or commensurate experience is required.
  • Multimedia / Web Designer

    Multimedia Web designers are often found in large Web development team environments. Multimedia designers are responsible for creating sophisticated, content-rich presentations using applications such as Shockwave, Director, or Flash. Traditional degrees are not usually required, but demonstrated proficiency with the programs, and a good portfolio, are necessary.
  • Marketing Executives / Managers

    A portion of internet marketing can be done by the business owner himself and still produce results. Understanding basic components to building a website like content marketing, color theory, and logos can be a start.

    An individual may also learn basic principles of using search engine optimization, social media, and more to do some internet marketing for himself. There definitely are opportunities for business owners to do an extent of internet marketing themselves, along with chances for business owners to learn how to market themselves, like through the free seminars , internet marketing and web design company Design & Promote offers.

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